Christina Fairbanks
Christina Fairbanks
Give us some of your basic stats. Height, measurements, where you're from, etc?

I wish I knew the answers to all those measurement questions. I do know im from Orange County though.

Were you the hot girl in high school? Or were you a late bloomer?

I think there was definitely a short lived time when I was the hot chick, then I soon discovered weed and became the weird chick.

How did you hear about Hubba?

I live in a house with 3 skater boys and a mini ramp in the garage. It was destined to happen.

Has modeling for Hubba opened up any opportunities for you?

Not yet! Come and get me!

Favorite Hubba ad?

I dig them all.

What is one thing people should know about Christina?

She's going to build a skate park in Bali, Indonesia very soon. Looking for down skaters to come join the revolution. Hit me.

What do you look for in a guy?

Consciousness and mystery. Hardflips are a plus ;)

Have you ever dated a skateboarder?

A few, but only one real skater. He knows who he is.

How about the best pick-up line you've ever heard?


What are some of your hobbies?

Photography, traveling, learning, living, and loving.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Third Eye Blind, AFI, we'll stop there.

Is chivalry dead?

Yes and no. I feel as women have demanded more independence in the last few decades, so men can be a little confused with the whole chivalry thing. However, a truly confident boy knows how to be effortlessly chivalrous and that is a rare and beautiful thing in this day and age.

What turns you on?

Sci-Fi geeks, music connoisseurs, and skaters!

Who do you think is the hottest woman in the adult entertainment industry?

I honestly wouldn't know, but in the general entertainment industry I really like the chick from Twilight. I'm kinda into the sullen, introspective look.

If you were President, what would be your first order of business?

I'd put Christopher Walken in charge.

Favorite part of the female body?

Booty and brains.

Favorite part of the male body?


What is man's most common misconception about women?

That we'll think you're a pussy if you show emotion.

Size of the boat? Or motion in the ocean?

The Titanic did sink, but it sure takes a long time to get to England in a row boat.

What is the most bad ass thing you've ever done?

Damn. You wouldn't be able to handle it.

Lingerie or Commando?

There's a time and a place for everything.

Satin or Lace?


In what situations do you use your good looks to get what you want?

I don't need to.

3 things every person should do before they die?

I'm not here to tell you that. It's different for everyone, just do what you wanna do!

Words to live by?

"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call from it's riches. For the creator there is no poverty'' -Rainer Maria Rilke

Ok. Finish the following sentences.

Every woman should own...


If a man wants to be with me he better...

lose his ego and regain his essence. I want a strong man not a confused boy.

If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring...

a knife, lots of good books, a super 8 video camera.

If I had a million dollars I would...

get that skatepark started in Bali! Buy skateboards for all the kids and a few hundred beers for everyone else involved.

Skate and...

be free.

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