Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Give us some of your basic stats.

I'm 5'9, 120lbs, 32C-25-34. I have brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin and I currently live in Napa.

Were you the hot girl in high school? Or were you a late bloomer?

I was a late bloomer I'd have to say. I was very quiet in new surroundings. High school was pretty intimidating.

How did you hear about Hubba?

My boyfriend skates and a couple of other friends here in town begged me to do it. Maybe it was just a ploy to see me in my underwear.

Has modeling for Hubba opened up any opportunities for you?

Yes it has. Since then I've had work for several online magazines and I've put together a video reel.

Favorite Hubba ad?

Mine of course =] acid drops.. What a trip?!

What is one thing people should know about Melissa?

I might be a tough cookie, but I'm sweet as candy ;)

What do you look for in a guy?

A strong personality. Honesty and charm.

Have you ever dated a skateboarder?

Yesss of course!

How about the best pick-up line you've ever heard?

Haha. These are the worst. This one is pretty bad. "Can I check your tag? Just like I thought, made in heaven." So ridiculous.

What are some of your hobbies?

Modeling, singing, and going out to have fun. A girl has to get wild every now and then.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate covered strawberries and wine ;)

Who do you think is the hottest woman in the adult entertainment industry?

Jessica Alba. She isn't in the adult film business, but hopefully one day she'll leak a home video.

If you were President, what would be your first order of business?

First I would fix our broken economy. Then I'd legalize marijuana.

Favorite part of the female body?

The tush.

Favorite part of the male body?

Oooh the back! I love a strong and defined back.

Biggest turn off?

Cocky attitudes. I hate arrogant guys. They are usually the most inadequate anyway.

What is man's most common misconception about women?

That we're weak because we show emotion. We're pretty damn strong.

Size of the boat? Or motion in the ocean?

Motion of the ocean! Come on now! Knowing how to use it means so much more.

What is the most bad ass thing you've ever done?

I flashed some skaters with a friend while my girlfriend was whipping donuts in her brand new Mustang.

Lingerie or Commando?

Lingerie. It's sexy.

Satin or Lace?

Both. Why not mix it up?

In what situations do you use your good looks to get what you want?

Well I work in fine dining. I schmooze every table that sits in my section. I live off tips!

3 things every person should do before they die?

Travel, explore life, and find true love.

Words to live by?

Live like you were dying.

Ok. Finish the following sentences.

Every woman should own...

Some bling =]

If a man wants to be with me he better...

Know how to charm me. From there I'm hooked!

If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring...

A magic lamp! Then I would have 3 wishes.

If I had a million dollars I would...

Live life to the fullest!

Skate and...


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